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Gypsum line machinery manufacturers anti-mildew treatment

Source: Author: Gaotang Machinery Manufacturing Time: 2019-12-12 14:56:24
Gypsum line has become the standard for evaluating the quality of decoration. With these lines and decorative materials, this house can wear upscale, atmospheric and upscale clothing. The quality of the gypsum line process cannot be separated from the support of the gypsum line mold. Many people tend to ignore molds, anti-mite, anti-fouling treatments, or even do not understand at all. Next, gypsum line machinery manufacturers will come to take you to understand.
1. For small stains such as spot stains, you can gently scrape them off with a knife and other tools;
2. For stains that are deeply penetrated by ink, you need to dig the ink gently, and then adjust the stucco to fill;
3. The mold is too long and very dirty, and it needs to be mixed with soap water, ammonia water, soaked and cleaned in proportion
The main component of gypsum line is gypsum powder. Through production and processing, and then adding some other ingredients, at the same time through different proportions, the production of various properties of gypsum line.
We can decorate with gypsum line, it can be used as a partition wall. We must pay attention to it. Do not leave the gypsum product in a very humid environment for a long time. Although the gypsum line is moisture-proof, Of proportion. If the moisture contained in the plaster line machine manufacturer exceeds the proportion, the plaster line will be damaged.