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Installation of plaster line equipment must also be skillful

Source: Author: Gaotang Machinery Manufacturing Time: 2019-11-27 09:59:44
Gypsum line equipment manufacturers are used more and more widely in China, and they are often widely used in decorative ceilings. The installation of gypsum line will directly affect the overall style of decoration. So, what standard should the installation of gypsum line meet? When you do, you must be prepared.
First of all, check the size of the scene, verify the dimensional record data of the corners of the room, and investigate whether the wall has the installation conditions. The treatment of joints cannot be ignored.
The next step is to strengthen the area of the gypsum line cleaning block and display it in kind. During the entire installation process: related putty must be removed from the grass roots. For exposed cement mortar plastering layer, to prevent the plaster line from falling off, cement grinding aids can be adjusted at any time to avoid more waste. . The surface is smoothed.
First of all, it is distinguished from the art and the surface of the plaster line. The unevenness of the pattern of the plaster line is generally about 10 millimeters. Generally, after the decoration, the surface is painted with paint. This can better show the three-dimensional feeling and have a good decoration. Effect, if the unevenness of the product cannot be achieved, it will not have a good visual decoration effect.
Then, the finish of the product is judged. The finish of the surface of the gypsum line is very high. Generally speaking, the surface is very delicate and the touch is very good. If the surface is not smooth, it will appear rough, so A smooth surface treatment is necessary.
The gypsum line equipment manufacturers made a simple distinction on the thickness of the entire product. The gypsum line products have corresponding thicknesses, which can make the molecules of the gypsum line products reach affinity, and the gypsum line thickness reaches a certain standard, which can ensure its service life. This can well ensure that corresponding collisions are avoided during transportation, causing serious losses.