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Investment Advisor

I. Construction instructions for non-fired brick production line of Chengyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

接受客户项目咨询并协助确认投资规模。 (1) Accept customer project consultation and help confirm investment scale.
为客户提供建厂方案、生产场地平面布置、设备地基要求等。 (2) To provide customers with plans for plant construction, floor layout of production sites, equipment foundation requirements, etc.
设备选型选配、设备加工制造、异地运输代办。 (3) Equipment selection and matching, equipment processing and manufacturing, and off-site transportation agency.
派员上门指导设备安装、负责设备调试、负责人员培训。 (4), send personnel to visit the site to guide equipment installation, responsible for equipment commissioning, and responsible personnel training.
其他售后服务以及后续技术升级与培训。 (5), other after-sales services, and subsequent technical upgrades and training.

2. Description of the progress of the construction of a non-fired brick production line

1. Delivery time of block automatic production line equipment: 15-20 days after signing the agreement;
2. Installation and commissioning of complete sets of equipment: customer preparations are in place, 3-7 days.
(Specific progress can be determined when signing the agreement).

Third, the project summary of production of non-fired bricks

1. Various industrial waste residues can be used as the main raw material, with the content of more than 80% (including aggregate), turning waste into treasure and turning harm into profit.
2. The non-fired brick project has a competitive advantage in the market. The state strictly limits the production of clay bricks. The non-fired bricks do not use clay as raw materials and do not need coal as fuel to protect cultivated land and the environment.
3. Non-fired bricks are produced by mechanization, the production process is simple, easy to master, and can be applied everywhere.
4. The production of non-fired bricks is formed after the materials enter the standard mold box through the two-way action of equipment pressing and high-frequency directional vibration. The bricks have a very regular appearance, high product compactness, and various technical indicators are better than clay fired bricks.
5. Using non-fired brick production technology, in addition to the standard "two or four bricks", it can also produce "eight-five porous bricks", "nine-five porous bricks", hollow blocks, pavement bricks, roadside stones, bread Bricks, grass planting bricks, L-shaped blocks and other building materials products of various specifications.
6. At present, of all the technologies that use industrial waste to produce building materials, the investment in the non-fired brick project is the least and the fastest.
7. The burn-free brick project is a waste residue utilization and can enjoy a series of national preferential policies such as tax exemption and financial subsidy.

Four basic requirements for formula design of production of non-fired bricks

A. Guarantee the required strength;
B. The mixture has good workability;
C. Good durability, with certain wear resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and frost resistance;
D. Under the premise of ensuring quality, try to save cement as much as possible;
E. When using lightweight materials to produce non-load-bearing blocks, it is necessary to meet the relevant material standards and the corresponding lightweight aggregate formula to meet the requirements of block production. Its cubic capacity can be produced according to the strength and physical properties required by the building design.

For details of the specific investment in the factory, please consult the expert hotlines for building the factory: 18963515687, 13963513240 (Manager Sun)