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Chengyu style

Shandong Chengyu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The above is our company's technical staff is directing the loading site (part of the loading picture) for our customers. In order to safely send the equipment to the customer's site, our company's technical staff is firm and carefully checks every small detail to create Chengyu. Brick machine brand, establish a corporate image, we are in the spirit of "the highest quality, customer satisfaction as the purpose," the best price, the most thoughtful service, the most reliable product quality principles to promise to you.

I. Equipment installation conditions

1. The foundation must be laid in accordance with the foundation drawings.

2. Water source ensures sufficient water source during production.

3. The power supply must be installed with a transformer that meets the requirements of the equipment before the equipment arrives, and the power cord must be connected to the equipment foundation .

4. The site shall be compacted and leveled.

5. Personnel Organize personnel required for production, especially equipment operators. Arrange smart 1-2 people to take on this task.

6. Materials The materials for installation and production should be prepared, such as installation wires, leakage protection, hydraulic oil, etc., production cement, stone powder, fly ash, etc.

7, supporting equipment (such as mixers, batching stations, etc.) have not been purchased from our factory, must be arranged in place before installation.

Quality and service

According to our factory's many years of experience, all the conditions in the previous paragraph are met. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of service, the installation service time is stipulated as follows: the semi-automatic model does not exceed five days. The fully-automatic version should not exceed eight days.

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