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Five-star service

In order to create the famous brand of Chengyu Brick Machine, improve the company's popularity, and establish the corporate image, we are in the spirit of "all pursuit of high quality and customer satisfaction", with "the best price, the most thoughtful service, the most reliable product quality "The principle promises you:

1. Purpose of service: fast, accurate, decisive, thoughtful and thorough

2. Service target: Service quality wins customer satisfaction

3. Service efficiency: If the equipment fails during the warranty period or outside the warranty period, our service personnel will come to you as soon as possible and start repairs .

I. Pre-sale services :
Professional and comprehensive pre-sales design makes your investment more accurate and your income is more secure.
Accept user inquiries, introduce the company's status and product categories; guide users to choose the appropriate product category according to local market needs;
Confirm the business scale, guide users to choose the appropriate equipment according to the demand and investment scale, and accompany the customer to inspect the production site on site; introduce the production process and answer difficult questions;
Design the factory construction plan for customers, and provide factory construction drawings.
While increasing the maximum output, try to save investment for customers.

Second, sale service :
The meticulous and rigorous sales service makes your choice more worry-free and reliable.
Review the contract and confirm or amend any unclear part of the contract or issues that require negotiation between the two parties. Track equipment production progress in real time to ensure on-time delivery.
According to requirements, issue production orders and arrange production.
Provide plant layout plan and equipment basic plan in advance, and arrange personnel for on-site guidance if necessary. Guide construction of infrastructure, hydropower and other processes, provide technical advice, and provide recommendations for plant planning. Set up a management platform, train production management personnel to guide installation on the spot, and train production operation personnel for process setting and responsibility subcontracting.
From quality control, cost control, employee evaluation to subcontracting, safety production, equipment maintenance, procurement marketing, etc., let users enter the industry as soon as possible to achieve profitability .

Third, after-sales service :
Create a user profile, which records the user's model, configuration, and special requirements. So that we can complete the various services required by users more accurately and timely.
Network and telephone support means that when you encounter a difficult problem during the use of the device or the device is abnormal, you can ask us for technical support and assistance through the network or phone.
After receiving the customer's service request, Chengyu Brick Machine service staff will arrange the technical staff to provide you with technical guidance through the network or phone as soon as possible, and propose solutions to resolve your worries with the fastest response.
On-site fault recovery commitment. On-site support means that if you encounter a difficult problem or an abnormal state of the equipment during the use of the equipment, after confirming the customer's service request, the after-sales service can locate and diagnose the fault through the phone immediately. The technicians rushed to the scene for processing, and finally resolved.