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Gypsum line equipment production line

Source: Author: Gaotang Machinery Manufacturing Time: 2014-08-19 14:59:11


Gypsum line equipment production line

Gypsum line equipment material forming part:
Vertical mixer: This machine is made of special stainless steel material. Under the premise of uniform supply of gypsum powder, starch glue liquid and foaming liquid, it can produce uniform slurry, and it can produce two types of slurry, namely: middle Foam slurry and hard-edged slurry on both sides provide reliable guarantee for plate molding and drying.
Vibration platform: after the slurry reaches the platform, it will vibrate at a predetermined frequency to make the slurry more uniform and disperse the large bubbles generated by the foaming agent into uniform small bubbles, in order to increase the strength and ensure the drying quality Provide qualified blanks.
Pneumatic plate forming machine: This machine adopts pneumatic lifting. The thickness of the equipment for producing gypsum board can be adjusted between 8-15mm. The contact material is made of special stainless steel. The operation is simple and convenient, the lifting is flexible and reliable, the adjustment is convenient and fast. Flat and consistent.